Save our environment

I thought this would never happen in Cayman, but it finally has. A new initiative under the name of Cayman Become ( has launched, which aims to make Cayman an eco-friendly island. The first campaign they have launched is one to reduce plastic bags. They will start charging 5c per plastic bag in the major supermarkets (Fosters, Kirks, Hurleys) from June, in an effort to encourage people to bring their own reusable bags.

These bags have been available for some time now, but it seems they have had little effect, as visiting any of these supermarkets you still see people using as many plastic bags as they possible can to pack as few items as they can as possible! It is crazy how I can go and buy one sandwich, then proceed to the checkout where they will try and pack it into a plastic bag for me – as if I can’t carry that one item without a bag!

Lets all do our part to reduce pollution on this wonderful island and start using reusable bags as a first effort.

Watch this video documentary filmed in Hawaii which shows humans harmful impact on the environment –