This page contains articles found in print media about windsurfing in the Cayman Islands.

What’s Hot Magazine
November 1997 [print]
November 2010 [link|print]
December 2010 [link|print]

The Caymanian Compass Weekender
Windsurfers jump on a Nor’wester (17-Dec-2010) [link|print]
Go for the stoke (07-Jan-2011) [print]
New year, whole new spin (14-Jan-2011) [link|print]
East End: No race, no problem (11-Feb-2011) [link]
Less wind, more waves: Surf! (25-Feb-2011) [link]
Adrenaline fuels this Regatta (18-Mar-2011) [link|print]

Yo Ho Ho!
Gorgeous Beyond Expectation
Wind Finder