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First attempt on the Kona

The Kona’s arrived safe and sound here in Cayman a couple weeks back. We had 3 11’5s and a Mini-tanker. We took out the 11’5s for a SUP attempt on Seven Mile Beach. Unfortunately we didn’t have the proper paddles (they are on order), so we used some small wooden ones. The boards have a lot of glide and wanted to ride even the smallest ripple. I can’t wait to see how they will perform when the paddles arrive. I took the Kona out on Monday for a light wind sail on my 6.2m sail. It hops on the plane really quickly and I managed to catch some small waves. I managed to rip up some of the nice rubber decking though with my boom and got some sea anemone spikes in my foot after going a little too shallow, but all-in-all, a good first attempt. I have a feeling we’ll be getting loads more use out of these boards.