SUP’er time

After the long range forecast last weekend showed a solid NE in excess of 25 knots to blow all Saturday, it was rather disappointing to notice in the week it had completely disappeared. There ended up being almost zero wind and the SE during the week had generated a bit of wind swell, so the perfect time to take out the SUP (Kona 11’5) for a surf. It turned out conditions were perfect and with the lack of wind the water was completely glassy. There were some great sets coming in – mainly 2-3ft, but some bigger ones now and then. I had the best SUP wave-riding I’ve had yet. Took a few good wipeouts and getting out of the impact zone was a bit of a mission, but all in all great fun and a good alternative to windsurfing when the wind is down.

One thing I would like is 3 fins on my SUP. I find the single fin does not give as much stability on the wave face and you have to work it a bit more to stay under control. Next time I’ll take the GoPro out and have some pics.