Survival at the Sandbar

What a disaster of a day on Saturday. Went out to sail the Sandbar, got rinsed by a wave to discover my UJ had ripped my board and rig apart. Then proceeded to lose all the kit. Luckily Karel came out to help tow me in and we swam the last bit to land. Hoping some of my stuff may turn up. The kit lost was my 2006 JP Australia 93 liter freestyle/wave board, 4.75m Aerotech Charge, 2008 Hawaiian Proline boom (160-210), Powerex Z-Wave 400 mast and extension. If anyone finds it, please let me know.

Thanks to all who helped come out and look for me (Karel, Bruno, Chris, Walter (Red Sail Sports), Suzie, Jerome (C.I. Helicopters), RCIP and 911.