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Andy wins GOLD at Island Games

AndyGOLDIslandGamesAndy Petts has made history, and is now a Cayman Windsurfing legend, having represented the Cayman Islands in the Sailboarding event at the 2013 Natwest Island Games in Bermuda, and come home with the gold medal, and by quite a long way!

Facing competition against sailors hailing from Bermuda, Guernsey, Jersey, Menorca and Alderney, he took the lead a few days into the event, and then finished off by coming first in the last 6 heats, proving he was by far the best sailor out there!

Congratulations Andy, we’re all very proud of you!

See the results here:

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Cayman Windsurfer leads in Island Games

Andy Petts WindsurfingCayman Windsurfing local Andy Petts is currently in Bermuda taking part in the 2013 Natwest Island Games representing the Cayman Islands in Windsurfing.  The Island Games will run from 13th – 19th July in Bermuda, and attract the best the best sporting talent from islands around the world, who compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in a variety of disciplines.

After only two days, he has already taken the lead, and is currently ahead of windsurfers representing Menorca, Bermuda, Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney! Go Andy!!!

Windsurfing Results 16 July 2013