First day on the water in Maui

Finally we got our first day on the water yesterday. After much speculation as to whether the wind actually would blow, we headed down to Kanaha around 12am and the found the wind to be blowing pretty hard. I had a Goya 85l board and rigged a 5.3m in the hope that it would be big enough, but once out there, it turned out to be too much and I was way overpowered! The wind continued to increase and we all came in and decided it was time to go to the shop and change down to some smaller sized kit. I ended up with a 75l board and 4.1m and 4.7m sail. Going out again the wind had increase further and I was overpowered with the 4.1m – crazy stuff!
Gonna try and work out today where exactly Lowers, Uppers and Camp One is, It’s a bit difficult at the moment as there is not a lot of swell, so it’s not breaking huge. Plus there are so many white caps out there. Hoping for a smoother ride, less bump and jump, and more swell, which is predicted throughout the rest of the week.